HBSE 12th Class Physical Education Solutions Haryana Board

Haryana Board HBSE 12th Class Physical Education Solutions

HBSE 12th Class Physical Education Solutions in Hindi Medium

HBSE 12th Class Physical Education Solutions in English Medium

  • Chapter 1 Physical Fitness and Wellness
  • Chapter 2 Training Methods
  • Chapter 3 Health Education
  • Chapter 4 Athletic Care
  • Chapter 5 Sociological Aspects of Physical Education
  • Chapter 6 Family Life Education
  • Chapter 7 Yoga Education
  • Chapter 8 Olympic Movement
  • Chapter 9 National Sports Awards

HBSE 12th Class Physical Education Syllabus

Class: XII
Subject: Physical Education

1. Unit I: Physical Fitness & Wellness
Part-A: Meaning & Definition of Physical Fitness, Method of Fitness development, Components of Physical Fitness, Factor affecting Physical Fitness, Means of Fitness development
Part-B: Practical – Athletics
History of Athletics, Track & Field (Sector) Measurements, Rules & Regulations of different Track & Field Events

2. Unit II: Training Method
Part-A: Meaning & Concept of Training, Different training methods, Methods of strength development: isometric, isotonic, isokinetic exercise, Methods of endurance development: Continuous training, Fartlek training & Interval training method, Methods of speed development: Acceleration & Pace Running, Meaning of Warming-up & Limbering down, Importance of Warming-up & Limbering down, Types & Methods of Warming-up
Part-B: Practical – Foot Ball & KHO-KHO
History of Foot Ball & KHO-KHO, Ground Measurements of Foot Ball & KHO-KHO, Rules & Regulations of Foot Ball & KHO-KHO

3. Unit III: Health Education
Part-A: Meaning & Definition of Health Education, Objectives of Health Education, Meaning of School Health Programme, Importance of School Health Programme, Components of School Health Programme – Healthful School Living – Health Services – Health Instruction, Role of teacher in School Health Programme
Part-B: Practical – Hockey & Kabaddi
Ground Measurements of Hockey & Kabaddi, Rules & Regulations of Hockey & Kabaddi

4. Unit IV: Athletic Care
Part-A: Meaning of Athletic Care, Meaning & Definition of first aid, Qualities & duties of a first aider, Common sports injuries: Causes, Symptoms & their treatment – sprain, strain, fracture, dislocation, confusion, abrasion
Part-B: Practical – Cricket & Judo
History of Cricket & Judo, Ground Measurements of Cricket & Judo, Rules & Regulations of Cricket & Judo

5. Unit V: Sociological Aspects of Physical Education
Part-A: Meaning & Definition of Sociology, Importance of Sociology in Physical Education, Meaning of Socialization, Role of Physical Education in Socialization, Effects of Social Institution on individual behaviour, Game & sports as men Cultural Heritage
Part-B: Practical – Hand Ball, Basket Ball
History of Hand Ball & Basket Ball, Ground Measurements of Hand Ball & Basket Ball, Rules & Regulations of Hand Ball & Basket Ball

6. Unit VI: Family Life Education
Part-A: Meaning of Family, Types of Family, Importance of Family as a social institution, Role of parents in child care, Preparation of Marriage, Meaning of Adolescence, Problem & Management of adolescence Problem
Part-B: Practical – VolleyBall & Wrestling
History of Volley Ball & Wrestling, Ground Measurements of Volley Ball & Wrestling, Rules & Regulations of Volley Ball &

7. Unit VII: Yoga Education
Part-A: Meaning & Definition of Yoga, Importance of Yoga, Elements of Yoga (Ashtanga Yog), Meaning & Types of Pranayam
Part-B: Practical – Yogic Exercise
History of Yoga, Different Asanas

8. Unit VIII: Olympic Movements
Part-A: History of Ancient & Modern Olympic Games, Rules of Participations in Modern Olympic Games, Objectives of Modern Olympic Games, Short Notes on – Olympic oath, Olympic flag, Olympic Motto, Olympic Prize, Meaning of Olympic movement
Part-B: Practical – Badminton & Table Tennis
History of Badminton & Table Tennis, Ground Measurements of Badminton & Table Tennis, Rules & Regulations of Badminton & Table Tennis

9. Unit IX: National Sports Awards
Part-A: Meaning of National sports awards, Explain the following in detail – Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award – Arjuna award, Dronacharya award, Bhim award
Part-B: Practical – Boxing, Judo
History of Boxing & Judo, Ground Measurements of Boxing & Judo, Rules & Regulations of Boxing & Judo

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