HBSE 8th Class English Solutions It So Happened Chapter 10 The Comet 2

Haryana State Board HBSE 8th Class English Solutions It So Happened Chapter 10 The Comet 2 Textbook Exercise Questions and Answers.

Haryana Board HBSE 8th Class English Solutions It So Happened Chapter 10 The Comet 2

HBSE 8th Class English The Comet 2 Textbook Questions and Answers

Comprehension Check – I

The Comet 2 Question Answer HBSE 8th Class Chapter 10 Question 1.
“For a moment James wondered if he had done his sums right.’ Why was James doubtful about his sums and calculations?
‘क्षण-भर के लिए जेम्स को आश्चर्य हुआ कि उसने ठीक गणना की थी या नहीं।’ जेम्स अपने प्रश्नों और गणनाओं के विषय में क्यों संशय में था?
James Forsyth had made a prediction that Comet Dutta would collide with the earth within ten months. After finishing the deliberations with Sir John he reached his hotel room. He looked up from his window a starstudded night sky. It was difficult to calculate the impending calamity in advance. Hence, he grew doubtful about his sums and calculations.

The Comet 2 HBSE 8th Class Chapter 10 Question 2.
What did the scientists at the conference say about James’s sums?
जेम्स के सवालों के विषय में सम्मेलन में उपस्थित वैज्ञानिकों ने क्या कहा?
Many experts attended the international conference. They checked and rechecked James calculations with the latest observations of Comet Dutta. They found his sums right. There was no escape from direct hit of the comet with the earth. There can be partial loss to life and property if the comet grazes the atmosphere of the earth.

HBSE 8th Class English Solutions It So Happened Chapter 10 The Comet 2

Question 3.
‘Immediate action was needed, the scientists decided. ‘Give one example each of defensive’ and ‘offensive action mentioned in the text.
‘तुरन्त कार्यवाही की जरूरत है, वैज्ञानिकों ने निर्णय लिया।’ पाठ्यपुस्तक में उल्लिखित एक-एक ‘सुरक्षात्मक’ तथा ‘आक्रामक’ कार्यवाही का उदाहरण दो।
The scientists decided, to take immediate action. The defensive measure was to dig underground bunkers and line in them. However, the offensive measure was to deflect the comet from it a path by giving it a push. It could be achieved by a well-timed and directed gigantic nuclear explosion through remote control.

Question 4.
“I am not buying any Christmas presents till December 15th.” What did Sir John mean by that?
“मैं पन्द्रह दिसम्बर तक क्रिसमस के कोई उपहार नहीं खरीदूंगा।” सर जॉन का इस बात से क्या तात्पर्य था?
The charge of the Light Brigade had begun. The spacecraft had also been launched on time. All possible efforts were being made to avert the collision of Comet Dutta with the earth. He was not buying any Christmas presents till December 15th.
It means Sir John was in suspense about the results of his efforts.

HBSE 8th Class English Solutions It So Happened Chapter 10 The Comet 2

Comprehension Check – II

Question 1.
What is Duttada expected to do on his return from London?
लन्दन से लौटने पर दत्तादा को क्या करने की आशा थी
On his return from London, Duttada is expected to participate in a yajna. It was arranged by Guruji so that the comet may not cause any ill-effects on the earth. Indrani Debi was curious to pacify the evil spirit behind the comet seen by her husband.

Question 2.
What is his reaction to the proposal?
प्रस्ताव के प्रति उसकी क्या प्रतिक्रिया है?
Duttada knew that the yajna had not specific advantage in the age of science. The movements of comets were forecast precisely by mathematical calculations. Their visits had no correlation with disasters on the earth.
He blew up at the proposal and refused to have anything to do with it.

Question 3.
(i) What does ‘Project Light Brigade’ refer to?
(ii) What does Sir John say about the project in his letter to Duttada in October?

(i) ‘प्रोजेक्ट लाइट ब्रिगेड’ क्या संकेत देता है?
(ii) अक्तूबर में दत्तादा को लिखे गए अपने पत्र में सर जॉन, प्रोजेक्ट के बारे में क्या कहते हैं?
(i) ‘Project Light Brigade’ refers to a very important and secret astronomical operation. It was chalked out by a special group of scientists. Sir John Macpherson, the Defence Science Advisor to the British Government was the main brain behind this project. Many leading international scientists including Dr. James Forsyth were his associates. It was designed to avert the collision of ‘Cemet Dutta’ with the earth.

(ii) Duttada was in regular correspondence with Sir John since his return from London. Sir John casually hinted at the progress of the project Light Brigade.
In his letter to Duttada in October, Sir John wrote:
“The charge of the Light Brigade has begun. Let us hope for the best”. It means the spacecraft had been launched on time.

HBSE 8th Class English Solutions It So Happened Chapter 10 The Comet 2

Question 4.
Did Sir John buy Christmas presents on December 15? How did Duttada get to know about it?
क्या सर जॉन ने 15 दिमातर को क्रिसमस के उपहार खरीदे? दत्तादा को उसके बारे में कैसे पता चला?
Yes, Sir John bought Christmas presents on December 15th. Duttada got an urgent telex message from the British Council. Its contents were ‘I am confident now of buying my Christmas presents on December 15th-John Macpherson! Through the letter, Duttada got to know about it.

Question 5.
Why, according to Indrani Debi, had the comet not been disastrous? Do you agree with her?
इन्द्राणी देवी के अनुसार धूमकेतु, विध्वंसक क्यों नहीं हुआ? क्या आप उसके विचार से सहमत हैं?
Duttada informed his wife Indrani Debi that the comet had gone far away without proving disastrous to earth. She told him that there could be same major disaster on earth. However, all such disasters were averted because of the yajna at their house.
I do not agree with her.

Question 6.
Is Duttada’s general outlook
(i) rational?
(ii) moral
(ii) traditional?
Choose the right word. Say why you think it right.

दत्तादा का सामान्य दृष्टिकोण क्या है:
(i) तार्किक/वैज्ञानिक
(ii) नैतिक
(iii) पारंपरिका ठीक शब्द को चुनो। बताओ आप उसे ठीक क्यों समझते हैं।
Duttada’s general outlook is ‘rational’. Scientists are rational in their approach to a problem. They analyse a problem and reach a | solution. They do not go by impulses. In the case of ‘Comet Dutta’, the scientists held a conference. They discussed the problem and found the solution jointly. Therefore, I think it right.


Discuss the following topics in small groups. Write your answer afterwards:

1. Should a scientist’s findings be suppressed if they seem disturbing? Give reasons for and against the topic.
2. Do you think ours is a traditional society? What are some of the things we do to be called traditional? Do you find these things interesting or useful?
3.Give two or three.examples to show how science has been useful to us.
4. Give One example to show how science has been misused, and has thus been harmful to us.
छोटे-छोटे समूहों में इन विषयों की चर्चा करो। बाद में अपने उत्तर लिखो
1. यदि किसी वैज्ञानिक की खोज खलबली मचाने वाली है तो क्या उसे दबा दिया जाए? इसके पक्ष तथा विपक्ष में कारण लिखो।
2. क्या तुम्हारे विचार से हमारा समाज रुढ़िवादी है? रुढ़िवादी कहलाने के लिए हम कौन-सी कुछ बातें करते हैं? क्या आपको ये बातें रोचक या उपयोगी लगती हैं?
3. विज्ञान हमारे लिए किस प्रकार उपयोगी है? यह दर्शाने के लिए दो या तीन उदाहरण दो।
4. एक उदाहरण द्वारा दिखाओ कि विज्ञान का दुरुपयोग किस प्रकार किया गया है और यह किस प्रकार हमारे लिए हानिकारक सिद्ध हुई है।
For self-attempt

HBSE 8th Class English Solutions It So Happened Chapter 10 The Comet 2

Think it Over

1. When/a person who has never flattered you suddenly discovers all your qualities; he either wants to con you or needs something urgently from you. (to ‘con’ is to swindle after gaining over trust).
2. Be generous in complimenting to others. The secret of happiness is to make others believe that they are the cause of it.

इस पर विचार करो:
1. जब कोई व्यक्ति जिसने कभी आप की चापलूसी नहीं की है अचानक आपके सभी गुणों को खोज लेता है। वह या तो आपको चकमा देना चाहता है या आपसे कोई चीज तत्काल प्राप्त करना चाहता है
2. दूसरों का अभिवादन करते समय उदार बने रहिए। प्रसन्नता का रहस्य दूसरों को यह विश्वास कराना है कि वे इस (प्रसन्नता) के कारण हैं।

HBSE 8th Class English Solutions The Comet 2 Important Questions and Answers

Question 1.
What were James doubts about Sir John’s efficiency? How were they dispelled”
सर जॉन की कुशलता के बारे में जेम्स को क्या संशय थीं? उनका समाधान कैसे हुआ?
Sir John wanted to call a secret conference of international experts in a week. James thought it an impossible task. Sir John began to spell out details. James doubted Sir John’s efficiency because the period was very short James’s doubts were dispelled when he reported for the conference. He found that all the experts listed by him were there.

Question 3.
How were the scientists convinced about the correctness of Duttada?
वैज्ञानिकों को दत्तादा की यथार्थता के बारे में कैसे पुष्टि हुई?
Duttada had predicted that the comet would directly hit the earth and cause disaster. The scientists at the international conference checked and rechecked James Forsyth’s calculations with the latest observations of Comet Dutta. They found Duttada right because there was no escape from collision.

HBSE 8th Class English Solutions It So Happened Chapter 10 The Comet 2

Question 3.
Which action did the scientists decline to take and why?
वैज्ञानिकों ने कौन-सी कार्यवाही करने से मना कर दिया at pit?
The scientists decided to take some action. It was suggested that defensive measures like living in underground bunkers may be taken. The experts declined to take such measures. It was virtually not a practical proposition.

Question 4.
Give two examples of ‘offensive action’ mentioned in the text.
पाठ्यपुस्तक में उल्लिखित दो ‘आक्रामक कार्यवाहियों’ के उदाहरण दो।
The only course left before the scientists was to deflect Comet Dutta marginally from its original path. Only a powerful nuclear explosion through a remote control could do that. It needed the bulk of the destructive nuclear available on the earth.

Question 5.
Why was the operation expected to be successful?
कार्यवाही के सफल होने की क्यों आशा थी?
Success of an experiment always depends upon its volume and the efforts made to achieve it. Nobody can predict about the success or failure of any experiment. The scientists failed to assess how massive the comet was. It was uniformly hoped that it was not very massive. Therefore, the operation was expected to be successful. However, Sir John Macpherson was doubtful.

Question 6.
How did Duttada spend two weeks after the conference?
दत्तादा ने सम्मेलन के बाद दो सप्ताह किस प्रकार बिताए?
Duttada got sad when Sir John Macpherson showed doubt about the success of the operation. He toured the British Isles for two weeks after the conference. He spent his time joyfully there. He visited many observatories. He also exchanged his views with amateurs as well as professional astronomers.

Question 7.
Who was Sibaji Babu? What is his role in the text?
सिबाजी बाबू कौन था? इस पाठ में उसकी क्या भूमिका
Sibaji Babu was Duttada’s younger brother. He told Duttada that they had all been deeply disturbed since Duttada discovered the comet. They were waiting for Duttada to take part in the yajna. Then the comet will not cause any ill-effect on the earth. Their wise forefathers recommended such Yujnas.

Question 8.
How had Duttada grown friendship with Sir John?
दत्तादा की सर जॉन के साथ किस प्रकार मित्रता बढ़ी?
Duttada and Sir John appreciated each other’s virtues. Sir John admired Duttada’s scientific putlook. On the other hand, Duttada admired Sir John’s discipline and efficiency. It made their mutual friendship grow.

HBSE 8th Class English Solutions It So Happened Chapter 10 The Comet 2

Question 9.
What was the result of Duttada’s correspondence with Sir John?
सर जॉन के साथ दत्तादा के पत्रव्यवहार का क्या परिणाम?
Duttada was in regular correspondence with Sir John. It never mentioned the ‘Project Light Brigade’. However, Sir John rarely hinted as its progress in subtle manner. Duttada would grasp the hint.

Question 10.
What were Duttada’s anxieties?
दत्तादा को क्या बेचैनी (व्याकुलता) थी?
The charge of the Light Brigade had begun. This means, the spacecraft had been launched on time. Duttada was doubtful whether the spacecraft would react the proper place in proper time? He was not sure whether the remote control detonation would work or not? What would happen if the massive nuclear pile failed in fire? These were Duttada’s anxieties.

Question 11.
What was Duttada’s routine then?
तब दत्तादा की दिनचर्या क्या थी?
Duttada had to take part in the Puja ceremonies, the Diwali celebrations and other festivals. During the day he relaxed in his 8 years old grandson’s company. At night he used to look through his telescope and regularly monitored the comet.

Question 12.
Give the picture of Khoka while he was performing the yajna.
खोका का चित्रण करो जब वह यज्ञ कर रहा था?
Khoka was an eight-year old boy. He was Düttada’s grandson. He was deputizing for his grandfather. He did not understand the mantras. But he uttered them as dictated by Guruji. He poured ghee into the fire and offered flowers.

Summary in English


Manoj Dutta was also invited to the International Conference. The experts finished their deliberations. They found James’s observations quite correct. The Conference lasted one week under cover of total secrecy. James looked up from his hotel window. He saw the Comet Dutta in the star-studded night sky. It was heading for a collision with the earth.

There could be an escape from the direct hit if it might just graze the earth’s atmosphere. Then loss of life and property would be minimum. The experts dismissed defensive measures like living in underground bunkers. The only course was to take offensive measures.

The only course was to deflect the comet from its path by pushing it. This could be done by placing destructive nuclear power available on the earth in a spaceship and sent up. A time-table was drawn up. The comet was feared to hit the earth on 15th December. Duttada asked Dr. John if they would succeed. Dr. John was in a doubt. He replied that he would not bug the Christmas ! presents till 15th December.

Duttada toured the British Isles for two weeks. On his return, he was warmly greeted by friends and press.

Duttada returned home. His wife had arranged a ‘Shanti Yajna’ at home. Duttada thought that Indrani Debi had arranged the Yajna because he had left the shores of India. He did not consider it a taboo. Besides he did not believe in meaningless rituals. Duttada’s youger brother told him that they had all been very disturbed since he discovered the comet. The Shanti Yajna was meant to pacify the evil spirit behind the comet. If Duttada performed the Yajna himself the comet will hot cause any ill-effects on the Earth. Duttada called it superstition. He called all those people ignorant of elementary science. He explained that the movements of the comets can now be forecast precisely by mathematical calculations. Their visits have no correlation with disasters on the Earth. He showed his unwillingness to take part in the Yajna. However, the Yajna was performed at his home.

4 Duttada remained in correspondence with Sir John Macpherson. However, the Project Light ” Brigade was never mentioned in the letters. It was only hinted in a subtle manner. Superstitious people were worried in their own way. Many couples avoided child conceptions during this period.

The operation to deflect the comet from its path began in mid-October. The huge quantities of nuclear explosives were sent in space to check the heading comet. It was to be considered whether the remote control detonation work would be done or not. Without sharing his anxieties with anyone, Duttada found that the comet was clearly visible to the naked eye. He received a special message from Macpherson on 18th November that he would buy Christmas presents on 15th Decemebr. It was was a clear indication that the disaster of the comet’s collision with the earth had , been averted.

N Comet Dutta was closest to the earth on 15th October. Then it changed its course and had gone far away. Duttada informed his wife that the comet had done no harm to the earth. Indrani Debi called it the magical effects of the Yajna at their house. Their grandson was made to take his place. Duttada noticed the gap between the rational and the superstitious.

HBSE 8th Class English Solutions It So Happened Chapter 10 The Comet 2

Summary in Hindi


मनोज दत्ता को भी अंतर्राष्ट्रीय सम्मेलन में बुलाया गया। कुशल व्यक्तियों ने अपना विचार-विमर्श समाप्त किया। उन्होंने जेम्स के अवलोकनों को बिल्कुल सही पाया। सम्मेलन एक सप्ताह चलता रहा और उसमें पूर्ण गोपनीयता बनी रही। जेम्स ने अपने होटल की खिड़की से देखा। उसने तारों से अच्छादित रात्रि के आकाश में धूमकेतु दत्ता को देखा। यह टकराने के लिए पृथ्वी की तरफ बढ़ रहा था।

सीधी चक्कर लगने से बचाव हो सकता था यदि वह पृथ्वी के परिमण्डल को छूता हुआ निकल जाता। तब जीवन और सम्पत्ति की हानि न्यूनतम होती। पृथ्वी के अन्दर मोर्चा में रहने के सुरक्षात्मक उपायों को कुशल व्यक्तियों ने नकार दिया। केवल आक्रामक उपाय करना ही एकमात्र रास्ता था।

एकमात्र रास्ता था धूमकेतु को धक्का देकर उसके रास्ते से थोड़ा सा हटा देना। यह पृथ्वी पर उपलब्ध विध्वंसक आणविक शक्ति को अन्तरिक्षयान में रख कर ऊपर भेजने से संभव हो सकता था। एक समय-सारणी बनाई गई। यह डर था कि 15 दिसम्बर को धूमकेतु पृथ्वी से टकरा जाएगा। दत्तादा ने डा. जॉन से पूछा कि वे सफल हो जाएँगे या नहीं? डॉ. जॉन संशय में थे। उसने उत्तर दिया कि 15 दिसम्बर तक वह क्रिसमस के उपहार नहीं खरीदेगा। दो सप्ताह तक दत्तादा ने ब्रिटिश टापुओं का दौरा किया। वापस आने पर मित्रों और प्रेस द्वारा उसका गर्मजोशी से अभिनन्दन किया गया।


दत्तादा घर वापस आया। उसकी पत्नी ने घर में ‘शान्ति यज्ञ’ का आयोजन किया हुआ था। दत्तादा ने सोचा कि इन्द्राणी देवी ने यज्ञ इसलिए आयोजित किया था क्योंकि वह विदेश में चला गया था। वह इसे निषिद्ध नही मानता था। साथ ही अर्थहीन धार्मिक अनुष्ठानों में उसे विश्वास नहीं था’ दत्तादा के छोटे भाई ने उसे बताया कि वे सभी बड़े व्याकुल रहे हैं जब से उसने धूमकेतु की खोज की है। शांति यज्ञ का उद्देश्य, धूमकेतु की प्रेतात्मा को शान्त करना है। यदि स्वयं दत्तादा, यज्ञ को सम्पन्न कर लें तो धूमकेतु, पृथ्वी पर कोई बुरा प्रभाव नहीं दर्शाएगा। दत्तादा ने उसे अंधविश्वास कहा। उसने उन सभी लोगों को प्रारंभिक विज्ञान से अनभिज्ञ कहा। उसने स्पष्टीकरण दिया कि अब गणितीय गणनाओं द्वारा धूमकेतु की गतियों की सही-सही पूर्व घोषणा की जा सकती है। उनके आगमन का पृथ्वी पर विध्वंस से कोई अन्योन्य सम्बन्ध नहीं है, उसने यज्ञ में भाग लेने में अपनी अनिच्छा दिखाई। फिर भी उसके घर यज्ञ सम्पन्न हुआ।

दत्तादा, सर जॉन मैक्फरसन के साथ पत्र-व्यवहार करते रहे, परंतु प्रोजेक्ट लाइट ब्रिगेड का पत्र में कभी उल्लेख नहीं किया गया। इसका केवल सूक्ष्म रूप से संकेत दिया गया। अंधविश्वासी लोग अपने ही तरीके से चिंतित थे। इस अवधि में बहुत सारे दम्पतियों ने गर्भाधान नहीं किया।

धूमकेतु को उसके मार्ग से हटाने का कार्य अक्तूबर मास के बीच में प्रारंभ हुआ। आगे बढ़ते हुए धूमकेतु को रोकने के लिए अन्तरिक्ष में विपुल मात्रा में आणविक विस्फोटक भेजे गए। यह विचार किया जाना था कि दूर-नियंत्रण विस्फोट का कार्य किया जाएगा या नहीं? अपनी व्यग्रता में किसी और को शामिल किए बिना दत्तादा ने पाया कि धूमकेतु, नंगी आँखों को साफ नजर आ रहा था। उसे 18 नवम्बर को मैक्फरसन से विशेष संदेश मिला कि वह 15 दिसम्बर को क्रिसमस के उपहार खरीदेगा। यह स्पष्ट संकेत था धूमकेतु के पृथ्वी से टकराने के फलस्वरूप होने वाला विध्वंस टल गया है।

15 अक्तूबर को दत्ता धूमकेतु पृथ्वी के निकट था। फिर उसने अपना रास्ता बदल लिया और काफी दूर चला गया था। दत्तादा ने अपनी पत्नी को सूचित किया कि धूमकेतु ने पृथ्वी को कोई हानि नहीं पहुंचाई है। इन्द्राणी देवी ने इसे अपने घर पर किए गए यज्ञ का जादुई प्रभाव माना। उसके स्थान पर उसके पोते को बैठा दिया गया था। दत्तादा ने विवेकी (वैज्ञानिक) और अंधविश्वासी के अंतर का अवलोकन किया।

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