HBSE 12th Class English Paragraph Writing

Haryana State Board HBSE 12th Class English Solutions  Composition Paragraph Writing Exercise Questions and Answers.

Haryana Board 12th Class English Paragraph Writing

1. Life In A Big City [H.B.S.E. 2017 (Set-C)]
A big city is always crowded and noisy. Life in a big city is busy and fast. People are always in a hurry. A big city is full of smoke, dust and noise. The peace which we find in a village or a small town is absent in a big city. The poor people lead a miserable life in big cities. There are slums where people live in bad conditions. There is also crime in big cities and life of people is not much safe. There are many accidents because of the rush of traffic. There are robbers and pick-pockets. But a big I city has its attractions also. There are big buildings, cinema houses and markets. There are big and modem hospitals. A person suffering from disease can hope to get the best treatment.There are big
schools and colleges where students can get vast knowledge of education. There are buses, taxis, cars and local trains to carry people from one place to the other in no time. Thus life in a big city has both its dark and bright sides.

Glossary : crowded = भीड़ वाला,
hurry = जल्दी,
miserable = दुखी,
slums = गन्दी बस्तियाँ,
robbers = लुटेरे,
attractions = आकर्षण ।

2. Good Manners
Good manners play an important role in our life. Without good manners, the world would be a dull place to live in. They are the spice of life. Good manners cost nothing, but they help us a lot. Without them we cannot carry on our life smoothly. Bad manners create enemies. But good manners win you a number | of friends and admirers. They create a good impression on others. Good manners make our life easier. In a crowded train compartment, you may get some room to sit if you talk pleasantly with the other passengers. Even your minor mistakes may be forgiven because of your good manners. On the other hand, nobody likes a person having bad manners. Everyone tries to avoid them. We expect that people should speak politely to us. So we should do to others what we expect the others to do to us. It means that we should adopt good manners.

Glossary :
spice = मसाला,
admirers = प्रशंसक,
compartment = डिब्बा,
passengers = यात्री।

HBSE 12th Class English Paragraph Writing

3. A Train Accident
Last month, a terrible train accident took place at Khanna station in Punjab. Two trains coming from the opposite directions had a direct collision. The Frontier Mail coming from Delhi and the Kashmir Express coming from Jammu collided with each other. The tragedy occurred due to the negligence of the signalman. He put both the trains on the same railway track. The scene of the accident was heart-rending. Three bogies of the Frontier Mail and three bogies of the Kashmir Express were completely smashed. More than 120 people died and 200 were injured. There were dead bodies all around. The injured and trapped persons were crying loudly for help. Some were weeping for their dead near and dear ones. The police and the health authorities come in action. The injured were taken to hospitals. Some social organizations also helped the authorities.

Glossary :
terrible = भयानक,
collision = टक्कर,
negligence = लापरवाही,
heart-rending = दर्दनाक,
trapped = फँसे हुए।

4. The Sports Day Function Of Your School/College
On 15th January, this year, the annual sports day of our college was celebrated. It was a colourful function. The college looked beautiful like a bride. It was decorated with flags and buntings. The Sports Minister of our state was the Chief Guest, who inaugurated the function. Then the athletes marched past the stage. Sh. Dalbir Singh Kharub, the D.P.E. of our college was the incharge of the function. The staff members also helped him. After the march past, the athletic items were held.

The most exciting items were 100 metre and 200 metre races, the pole vault and the three-legged race. The Chatti race was very interesting. Each girl participant had to run with a small earthen pitcher on her head. The musical chair race was entertaining. Sh. Gurpreet Singh was declared the best athlete of our college. In the evening, the winners were awarded with prizes.

Glossary :
celebrated = मनाया,
decorated = सजाया,
exciting = उत्तेजनाजनक,
pitcher = मटका,
declared = घोषणा की।

5. A Morning Walk [H.B.S.K March, 2018 (Set-C)]
A morning walk is very important for our health. In the early morning, the air is fresh and pure. There is calmness everywhere. A walk at this time gives peace to our mind. A morning walk provides exercise to the body. It gives energy for the whole day. We should get up early in the morning and then go for a long morning walk. This gives us a good start to our day. It also gives us extra time for our work. One who rises early has done a lot of work before other persons get up.

The person who rises late, misses the beauty and joys of the morning scene. He does not remain fit in body and mind. The morning walk gives us a lot of pleasure. All the poets and lovers of nature get up early in the morning and take a walk in the lap of nature. A morning walk has a great influence on our mood. The person who goes out for a walk daily in the morning, generally remains cheerful throughout the day.

Glossary :
calmness = शांति,
provides = किसी वस्तु की आपूर्ति,
influence = व्यक्ति या वस्तु को प्रभावित, परिवर्तन या नियंत्रित करने की शक्ति।

6. Rising Prices In India [H.B.S.E. 2017 (Set-D)]
The rising prices of commodities is a big problem. Prices of everything are rising rapidly. Even the prices of essential commodities like sugar, oils, cotton, tea, pulses, food grains, petrol etc. have greatly increased. The people of the fixed income groups like the salaried people, labourers etc., are the worst sufferers. They find it difficult to make both ends meet. Many things are going beyond the reach of poor people. One of the reason of rising prices is our growing population.

The population is growing rapidly every year. But the production of things does not increase at the same speed. There is increase in demand. So the prices also increase. The black-marketers and hoarders are also responsible for increasing the prices of essential things. We should check our growing population. The government should punish the black-marketers and the hoarders. There should be no tax on the items of daily use. Only then we can with the fight the problem of rising prices.

Glossary :
commodities = सामान,
rapidly = तेजी से,
essential = आवश्यक,
hoarders = जमाख़ोर।

HBSE 12th Class English Paragraph Writing

7. Weed To Ban Polybags [H.B.S.E. 2020 (Set-B)]
Polythene and plastic are spoiling people’s health from village to city. The city’s drainage system is often filled with polythene. Due to this, drains and streams are blocked. Its use has increased rapidly. By consuming tea or hot milk in plastic glasses, its chemical goes into people’s stomachs. This causes diarrhoea as well as other serious diseases. The increasing use of polythene is becoming dangerous not only for the present but also for the future. Earlier, when people went for a shopping, they used to carry a bag of cloth, but today they go empty handed and ask for polythene from the shopkeeper.

Remember that polythene deposited on the earth floor is depleting the ability of the ground to absorb water. Due to this the ground water level is falling rapidly. Due to not being destroyed in a natural way, it is slowly ending the fertilizer capacity of the earth. Burning plastic also causes damage. Its poisonous smoke is dangerous to health. Therefore, the government should ban the manufacturing and use of polythene as soon as possible.

Glossary :
drainage = पानी आदि के निकासी की प्रणाली,
diseases = बीमारियाँ,
deplete = अपक्षय करना,
absorb = सोख लेना ।

8. If I Would Be The Education Minister
Education in India is in a very poor state. Our government does not pay much attention to education. If I would be the Education Minister of my country, I would ask the Prime Minister to give top priority to education. As there is a shortage of schools and teachers in the country. I would open new schools and colleges even in remote villages. But mere opening of schools is not enough. The teachers should also be qualified. I would like to ban elections to students unions. These elections only create indiscipline. I would pay attention to games also. Games and sports will be made an essential part of the syllabus. I would try to make education job-oriented. Thus, I would bring many reforms in the educational system of India.

Glossary :
attention = ध्यान,
priority = प्राथमिकता,
remote = दूर के,
create = बनाना,
reforms = सुधार।

9. Discrimination Of Women
Discrimination of women in the world is still a major problem. Even though we have made huge strides against it but still there are examples of discrimination of women all over the world in the past. In some countries like America and England, women were even denied the right to vote. This type of discrimination is called sexism. Sexism may be defined as an ideology based on the belief that one sex is superior to another. It is discrimination, prejudice or stereotyping on the bases of gender, and is most often expressed towards girls and women. It has been characterized as the ‘hatred of Women’. [H.B.S.E. March, 2019 (Set-B)]

Glossary :
discrimination = पक्षपात करना,
strides = उन्नति,
ideology = विचारधारा।

10. Your School/College Library
The library is an important part of a college. It is a store house of knowledge. A student who wants to increase his knowledge must make use of the library. Our college has a big library. There are more than 20,000 books in this library. A large number of them are very rare books. There are also magazines of all kinds. There are books on all subjects in this library. The library is housed in a separate and big building. There are two big reading rooms for students. Students sit there for hours, reading books and making notes. One part of the library is reserved for the staff members. Many of them also spend a lot of time in the library. The librarian is an efficient man. He helps the students in locating the books. I often make use of the library. It has helped me alot in getting good marks in the examinations.

Glossary :
increase = बढ़ाना,
magazines = पत्रिकाएँ,
separate = अलग,
efficient = कुशल,
reserved = आरक्षित।

11. An Ideal Student
An ideal student gives prime importance to education and his studies. He is pure and simple in his habits. According to a philosopher, an ideal student should be alert and quick by mind like a crow. He has concentration of mind like a heron. He should not sleep much. He should be free from the worries of family and the worldly affairs. An ideal student tries to develop his personality in all fields. He is a good student as well as a player. He has great respect for his teachers, his parents and the elders in the society. An ideal student is not a book worm. He takes part in games also. He remains away from strikes and other such acts. The attainment of knowledge is the only aim of an ideal student. He always keeps this aim before him. An ideal student has a sense of his duties towards the society and the country. He takes part in social service and tries to uplift the poor and miserable people. Such students build a strong nation.

Glossary :
prime = मुख्य,
philosopher = दार्शनिक,
concentration = एकाग्रचित्तता,
heron = बगुला,
attainment = प्राप्ति,
miserable = दुखी।

12. My Aim In Life Or What I Waist To Be [H.B.S.E. 2017 (Set-A)]
We must have some aim in life. Without aim a man is like a car without a steering. It will go wherever it likes. A man without aim does not get anything in life. But a man who has a definite aim always succeeds. My aim in life is to become a teacher. He often lives in poverty. A teacher’s profession is very noble. He shapes lives of young students. A good teacher is one of the pillars of the society. In the past, India had very good teachers. They are the pride of India. I also want to become a great teacher. I will try to cultivate a sense of dedication for teaching in me. May God help me to realize my aim.

Glossary :
definite = निश्चित,
profession = व्यवसाय,
noble = नेक,
cultivate = पैदा करना,
dedication = समर्पण ।

HBSE 12th Class English Paragraph Writing

13. A Visit To A Hill Station
Last year, I visited Mussourie. I and two of my friends went together. Mussourie is a beautiful hill station. It is surrounded by tall and majestic hills. From Dehradun, Mussourie is only one hour away by bus. The way to Mussourie from Dehradun is very steep. At night one can see the beautiful and shining city of Mussourie from Dehradun. In the same way, from Mussourie one can see below, the lights of Dehradun at night. There are a number of beauty spots in and around Mussourie.

Thousands of tourists visit this hill station from India and the other countries. We stayed at Mussourie for a week. We went to see the Kampti Falls. We had a beautiful glimpse of the Himalayas from Lai Tibba hill. We enjoyed a ride in the rope-way trollies at gunhill. We visited Dhanllti also. The lake at Mussourie is small but beautiful. We did some shopping at the Chinese market. The memory of my visit to Mussourie will always remain fresh in my mind.

majestic = शानदार,
glimpse = झलक।

14. My Hobby
Hobbies are very important in our life. After routine work, our mind and body are tired. Hobbies divert our attention to some other work. A hobby differs from daily work. We do it in our spare time. Sometimes, the same work may be a profession for someone and a hobby for another. Thus gardening is a vocation for gar-deners. But it is a hobby for me. I love nature. The hobby of gardening gives me a chance to be near flowers and plants. Their presence gives me pleasure and satisfaction.

I do gardening in the backyard of my house. In one part of it, I have grown roses. These look very beautiful when they are in full bloom. In another part of it, there are other beautiful plants like papaya and guava. There is a big lawn also, with green grass. When I want to relax, I go there and the sight of beautiful flowers and plants refreshes my mind.

Glossary :
routine work = नियमित काम,
spare = फालतू,
profession = व्यवसाय,
satisfaction = सन्तुष्ट,
bloom = खिलना,
papaya = पपीता।

15. Corruption In Public Lite
Need For Fight Against Corruption
Corruption has become very common these days. This evil is spread in all fields of life. Taking and giving of bribes is a common thing now. Nobody feels shame about it. In today’s life nothing can be done without bribes. In government offices, the clerks as well as officers openly demand bribes. We have become greedy. We are running after money all the time.

This desire for more and more money has made us corrupt. But there is an urgent need to fight against corruption. We should neither demand nor give bribes. This is not only a legal crime but also a crime against morality. The government has made anti-corruption laws. But only laws cannot do anything. We must change our own character. We must fight against corruption. We should boycott those persons who are corrupt. They should be put to shame. Only then we can check the growing corruption.

Glossary :
corruption = भ्रष्टाचार,
bribes = रिश्वत,
shame = शर्म,
desire= इच्छा,
crime = अपराध।

16. Adverse Effect Of T.V. On Children
The television is a wonderful invention. It has changed the field of information and entertainment. We can watch the latest news and other programmes. We can see movies and songs on it. But the T.V. has a number of negative effects also. It has a lot of bad effect on the younger generation. Children neglect their studies and devote a lot of time on watching the T.V. These days the cable T.V. has reached most of the homes. A number of movies are shown on these channels. Excessive T.V. watching harms the eye-sight also. But we cannot blame the T.V. We should try to have a keep an eye on our children. They should not be allowed to see too much T.V. The government should ban the telecast of vulgar movies. These films have a bad effect on the minds of growing children.

Glossary :
adverse = बुरा,
entertainment = मनोरंजन,
negative = नकारात्मक,
excessive = हद से ज्यादा,
ban = रोक लगाना।

17. Falling Standard Of Education
The standard of education in India is falling. Today the number of degree holders are increasing, but the level of knowledge is decreasing. In the past, people did not have many educational degrees, but they had real knowledge. But these days, we insist on bookish knowledge. A person who can cram more and then write it within three hours may get more marks. In our schools and colleges, we do not pay attention to the real knowledge. Our education system prepares a student for passing examinations only. But a student holding an M.A. degree may not know how to write a simple application. He may not be able to fill up the form for railway reservation. There are many reasons for the falling standard of education. There is shortage of schools at the primary and matriculation level. There is also need for good and trained teachers. The courses of education should also be framed in such a way as to give real knowledge to the students. It is the duty of the teachers and the society to check the falling standards of education.

Glossary :
standard = स्तर,
decreasing = गिरना,
cram = रटना,
prepare = तैयार करना,
reservation = आरक्षण।

18. Value Of Games
Life cannot always be work and only work. Along with work, a person needs entertainment also. There are many means of recreation. But the games are the best kind of recreation. Apart from recreation, games keep us fit also. Games are very useful in many other ways. They teach us a sense of discipline and duty. A good sportsman always follows the rules of the games. That teaches him discipline. Games and sports build a man’s character. A good player always plays with a spirit of sportsmanship.

No team can win unless all the players play with a team spirit. They play not for their individual glory, but for the glory of the team. So, they learn to help and co-operate with one another. And that training stands in good stead in life. Above all, sports teach us to accept even our defeat gracefully. They teach us that we should not feel discouraged by our failure. On the other hand, we should learn from our mistakes and try to do better the next time. For all these reasons, sports have a great value.

Glossary :
entertainment = मनोरंजन,
recreation = मन बहलाना,
discipline = अनुशासन,
sportsmanship = खेल-भावना,
gracefully = शान से ।

19. A Day In A Village [H.B.S.E. March, 2018 (Set-B)]
Life in village is calm and peacefull and very different from that in a city. In the village, the atmosphere is very peaceful. There is no noise or sound. The air is pure and fresh. Last week I went to one of my friends who lives in a village. I spent one day with him. It was a pleasant experience. The farmers and labourers were going to work in the fields in the early morning.

The sight of the crops waving in the wind gave me a lot of pleasure. We went to the river that lies beyond the village. The water of the river looked clean and sparkling. Some persons were taking bath in the river. We also took off our clothes and jumped into the river. The cool and fresh water refreshed our bodies and mind. Indeed a day in a village is very pleasant.

Glossary :
peaceful = शांतिपूर्ण,
pleasant = आनन्ददायक,
sparkling = चमकदार।

20. Importance Of yoga [H.B.S.E. 2020 (Set-A,C)]
Yoga is an ancient system of the training of body, mind and soul. It has a long tradition in our country. The art of practising yoga helps in controlling an individual’s body, mind and spirit. It brings together physical and mental discipline to achieve a peaceful body and mind. It helps in managing stress, anxiety and keeps us relaxing. It also helps in increasing flexibility, muscle strength, body tone. The word ‘yoga’ is derived from Sanskrit language which means ‘to join/to unite.

Yoga exercises have a physical effect and bring a balance in body, mind and spirit. Yoga is not a religion. It is a way of living that aims towards a healthy mind in a healthy body. Regular practice of yoga keeps us fit and fine. It keeps us away from all the diseases like blood pressure, sugar, heart problem, nervous system problem and tension. The present day, Government of India under the leadership of worthy Prime Minister Sh. Narender Modi, has contributed a lot for the promotion of yoga at the national and international level. It is the result of the government’s efforts that the whole world celebrates 21 June as ‘Yoga Day’ and we see people practising ‘yogic exercises’ across the world.

Glossary :
disciplines = अनुशासन,
derived = प्राप्त करना,
diseases = बीमारियाँ।

HBSE 12th Class English Paragraph Writing

21. Role Of Newspapers [H.B.S.E. 2020 (Set-D)]
Reading of newspapers has become a habit for most of the people. Newspapers play a very important role in our life. A good newspaper is very useful for society. It satisfies the tastes of all kinds of people. A newspaper gives us latest news about the national and international events. For businessmen, there are advertisements. There is a sports page for the sports lovers.

The unemployed people can look for vacancies. There are matrimonial columns for the unmarried people. A good newspaper is a watchdog of democracy. It helps us to fight against the injustice. It informs people about what is happening in the society. A good newspaper is a source of entertainment also. Its Sunday edition carries articles and stories.

Glossary :
habit = आदत,
satisfies = संतुष्ट करना,
international = अंतराष्ट्रीय,
advertisements = विज्ञापन,
matrimonial = विवाह संबंधी,
democracy = प्रजातंत्र ।

22. Environmental Pollution
Environmental pollution is the biggest danger to the world these days. During the last few years, there has been a reckless cutting of trees all over the world. Also, there has been increase in industrialization in the world. Big factories have come up in all parts of the world. These factories release a lot of smoke every day. Then there is smoke from vehicles like trucks, buses, auto-rickshaws, scooters, etc.

The factories throw their wastes into rivers and streams making them highly polluted. Environmental pollution has become a worldwide problem. It may bring man’s destruction if proper steps are not taken in time. Unclean air, dirty water, and smoke are great dangers to human and plant life. Forests should not be cut recklessly. More and more trees should be planted. We must make efforts to check all kinds of pollution.

Glossary :
environmental = पर्याबरण,
pollution = प्रदूषण,
reckless = अन्धाधुंध,
industrialization = औद्योगीकरण,
vehicles = वाहन ।

23. A Visit To An International Trade Fair
Every year, an International Trade Fair is held at Delhi. Last year I also visited the International Trade Fair. It was held at the Pragati Maidan in New Delhi. I went with our college tour. We made our entry from Gate No. 1 and went inside. There was a lot of crowd. Thousands of people, school and college students had come to visit this trade fair. Nearly all the states of India had set up their pavilions.

These pavilions highlighted the industrial development achieved by each state. Apart from the industrial and technical progress, these pavilions gave a glimpse of the cultural life of these states. Many countries of the world also took part in it. They had put their stalls in a big building called ‘The Hall of Nations’. The main attraction of the fair was electronic goods.

Glossary :
international = अंतर्ताष्ट्रीय,
trade = व्यापार,
pavilions = मंडप,
development = विकास,
glimpse = झलक,
attraction = आकर्षण।

HBSE 12th Class English Paragraph Writing

24. A Visit To A Zoo
Last Sunday, I visited Delhi. There I went to see the Zoo. I went there with my uncle. The zoo in Delhi is one of the biggest zoos in Asia. It is situated near the Old Fort. As we entered the zoo, first of all, we saw birds. There were many kinds of birds. Some of them were very beautiful and rare. In the beginning, there were water birds and then other kinds of birds. We saw ducks, geese, swans, parrots, cranes, herons, peacocks, and many other birds. Then we saw the wild beasts. There is strong and high railing around the enclosures of the dangerous animals. We saw lions, tigers, rhinos, bears and wolves. We enjoyed an elephant ride also. In a big pond, there were hippos also. Their big mouths were fearful to look at. There was a separate enclosure for snakes. Some of the snakes looked fearful. There were big crocodiles and alligators. We came back in the evening.

Glossary :
situated = स्थित,
rare = दुर्लभ,
geese = हंस,
herons = बगुले,
beasts = जानवर,
wolves = भेड़िए,
fearful = भयानक,
crocodiles = मगरमच्छ।

25. Your Visit To The World Book Fair
Books are the true friend and guide of man. They give us the wisdom of different ages. Last month, the World Book Fair was held at New Delhi. I also visited this Book Fair. The fair was held at Pragati Maidan. Leading publishers of India took part in this fair. Publishers from some other countries had also put up their stalls in the fair. There were different kinds of books, for example, literature, science, politics, economics, military science, self-improvement and on general topics.

There was a separate stall for religious books. It was joyful to see books on different topics at one place. Some publishers were offering good discounts. At some stalls there were attractive free gifts for those who purchased books for more than two hundred rupees. I purchased many books on literature and general knowledge. In the evening, I came back home.

Glossary :
publishers = प्रकाशक,
literature = साहित्य,
science = विज्ञान,
religious = धार्मिक,
general knowledge = सामान्य ज्ञान ।

26. Your Visit To A Village Fair
Fairs are an important part of the village life in India. Last Sunday, I visited a fair in the neighbouring village. It had brought life to the dull looking village. The site of the fair was worth seeing. Everybody was happy. The shopkeepers had laid out their stalls here and there. There were tea stalls, bangle shops, sweet shops and general goods shops at the fair site. Hawkers from different places had come there to sell their wares. Young girls as well as married women came to the fair.

They were buying earrings, pins and bangles. Children were buying balloons, whistles and other small items. Girls and women were also buying colourful clothes. There was a rush at the tea stall and sweet shop. There were many items of entertainment for the children. Merry-go-rounds, jugglers and magicians attracted children. In fact, it was an attractive event.

Glossary :
fair = मेला,
neighbouring = पड़ोस के,
bangles = चूड़ियाँ,
hawkers = फेरी वाले,
whistles = सीटियाँ,
entertainment = मनोरंजन,
jugglers = मदारी।

HBSE 12th Class English Paragraph Writing

27. A Visit To A Museum
Last year, I went to Hyderabad to spend my summer vacations with my uncle. I saw many buildings and castles there. One morning, I went to the Salar Jung Museum there. In the museum, I saw wonderful collection of objects of art, paintings, coins, and dolls. I liked the section which showed old arms like swords, spears, guns, etc. The section showing old books and coins also attracted me.

In another room, I saw old garments, vessels, instruments and ornaments. The vessels were made of copper, bronze, silver and clay. The swords used by kings of the past were very heavy. In one room there were marble statues. These had been collected from many countries. I also saw musical instruments of many periods and countries. The paintings shown in the museum were marvelous. I greatly enjoyed my visit to that museum.

Glossary :
vacations = छुट्टियाँ,
castles = किले,
museum = संग्रहालय,
swords = तलवारें,
ornaments = गहने,
statues = बुत,
instruments = यंत्र ।

28. The Evil Of Smoking
Smoking is one of the worst habit. Besides being a waste of money, it is very harmful to health. It causes a number of diseases like heart attack, cancer, asthma, etc. A smoker not only harms himself, he troubles the life of others also. The cigarette smoke pollutes the atmosphere. Those people who are close to smokers also suffer. They are also in danger of the diseases which are caused by smoking.

A smoker is a great nuisance to his fellow travellers in a bus or train. Smoking reduces the life span of a person. It also causes impotence in men. It has its bad effect on the lungs. That is why people in other countries have started giving up this habit. We should also learn from them. It is the high time to give up this habit and save ourselves from the hazards caused by smoking.

Glossary :
habits = आदतें,
pollute = दूषित करना,
nuisance = मुसीबत,
impotence = नपुंसकता,
hazards = खतरे।

29. The Evil Of Dowry System
In India, there are a number of evil practices. Dowry system is one of them. It is .a blot on the name of India. Women suffer greatly because of the dowry. Many girls remain unmarried. Every year, a great number of young brides are burnt down for not bringing good dowry. The parents of young girl also suffer. Many girls commit suicide when they see the sad condition of their parents.

The parents of the girl have to give a lot of dowry to the parents of the bridegroom. The government has made strict rules against dowry. But only rules cannot prevent this evil. We should also come forward. We should take a pledge to remove this evil from our society. Young girls should refuse to marry those who demand dowry. We should boycott dowry-seekers.

Glossary :
dowry = दहेज,
suffer = पीड़ित होना,
suicide = आत्महत्या,
bridegroom = दूल्हा,
dowryseekers = दहेज माँगने वाले।

30. Recent Floods In Your State
Last year, the monsoon in Punjab was in a great fury. It rained continuously and heavily for fifteen days. This caused floods in most of the regions of Punjab. Many villages were affected by these floods. The standing crops were drowned in water. Many mud-houses fell down. The condition was not much better in the cities. The road and railway traffic was disrupted., trees were uprooted.

In many villages people pass their time on house tops or on the trees. Many people died of hunger. A great number of cattle died. Water diseases spread everywhere. The Govt, rushed to help the flood victims. The army was called to help the civil officers. Food packets were dropped by aeroplanes also. Many people were taken to safe places. But the sight of the flood was unbearable.

Glossary :
fury = आवेग, जोश,
affected = प्रभावित हुए,
drowned = डूब गई,
disrupted = विघ्न पड़ा,
cattle = मवेशी,
unbearable = असहनीय ।

HBSE 12th Class English Paragraph Writing

31. A Fire Tragedy
Last Monday, there was a big fire accident in our colony. At midnight, I was woken up by cries of people. I came out to check what is happening. I saw that a house in our street was on fire. The flames of fire seemed to be touching the sky. Suddenly, a lady cried. She told the people that her son had been left inside the burning house. Nobody dared to go inside the house.

I took courage and went inside. There was smoke everywhere. I could not see anything. Suddenly, I heard the sound of weeping. I went into the room and found the woman’s son. I lifted the child on my shoulders and rushed out. Luckily my bums were not serious. Everybody cheered me and congratulated me for saving the life of the child.

Glossary :
cries = चीखें,
dared = हिम्मत करना,
serious = गंभीर,
cheered = हौंसला बढ़ाया।

32. A Drowning Tragedy
Last month, I witnessed a drowning tragedy. Our class went on a picnic at river bank. We sat down under the trees near the river bank. We were enjoying our picnic greatly. At noon, a few boys decided to have a swim in the river. The current was fast. The others advised them not to swim. But the boys did not listen to them. They jumped into the river. They swam near the bank.

But one of them suddenly swam into the middle of the river where the current was very fast. He was caught in the whirlpool. He shouted for help. None of us was a very good swimmer. So we all shouted for help. A few villagers came running. They jumped into the river. They tried their best but they could not save the boy. The boy was drowned. The joyful mood of picnic changed into tragedy.

Glossary :
witnessed = देखी,
drowning = डूबने की,
current = धारा,
swam = तैरा,
joyful = प्रसन्न।

33. How You Helped The Victims Of An Accident
Last Sunday, there was an accident in our city. A bus collided with a truck. Six bus passengers died on the spot. More than twenty passengers were wounded. Ten of them were in serious condition. I was passing by that area when the accident occurred. I decided to help the injured passengers. I stopped the taxis and rickshaws and requested them to take the passengers to the hospital. In a few minutes all the ten seriously wounded passengers were taken to hospital. The doctors attended to them.

But five of these passengers immediately needed blood transfusion. Unluckily the blood was not available in the hospital. So I rushed to my college. I talked to my friends and told them about the accident. Within a few minutes seven boys agreed to donate blood. We all rushed to the hospital. We told the doctors to take our blood. Our blood was given to the seriously injured passengers and their lives were saved.

Glossary :
collided = टकरा गई,
wounded = घायल,
occurred = हुआ,
blood transfusion = खून चढ़ाना।

34. Road Safety
Today in India our roads have become much overloaded by vehicles. While being on the road, road safety is very necessary. Today road accidents are the leading cause of deaths in India. In our country thousands of people lose their lives in road accidents every year. If road users are well aware of road safety rules, the number of deaths in road accidents can be reduced. Everyone should leam the traffic and safety rules at a very early age to perform safe behaviours in the later life.

Everyone going on the road, especially drivers, must be to the left and let other vehicles pass on the opposition direction to the right. Drivers should be in slow speed while over-taking or turning on the roads. People should take extra precaution while going on the over-crowded roads. Bikers or people using two wheel vehicles must wear helmets of superior quality. Speed of the vehicles should be within the speed limits and slow especially in the areas of school, hospital, colony etc. Every vehicle on the road should maintain the right distance among them to avoid accidents. Everyone who use road should be well aware of the road signs and must follow traffic rules. Everyone must keep in mind all the road safety rules and regulations.

Glossary :
precaution = सावधानी,
superior = उत्तम।

HBSE 12th Class English Paragraph Writing

35. The Havoc Caused By An Earth-Quake
In September this year, there was a severe earthquake in Lattur area of Maharashtra. The earthquake lasted only one minute, but it caused a widespread damage to life and property. The quake was so serious that it was felt in Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh also. The Latter area was the worst hit. More than sixty thousand people lost their lives in the earthquake. Most of the buildings fell down.

The quake came at night when people were sleeping in their houses. That is why the number of deaths was very high. The Govt, at once sent relief and rescue teams. These people helped the victims of the quake. Tents were pitched in which the homeless people took refuge. These people were given free meals by the government. Help came from all comers of the world. The memory of this serious earthquake will always remain fresh in the minds of people.

Glossary :
severe = कठोर, तीव्र,
damage = नुकसान,
relief = राहत,
rescue = बचाव,
victims = शिकार, पीड़ित,
refuge = आश्रय।

36. Road Safety Rules For Children
According to the statistics it is found that there are most of the road accidents fn which children are involved, so they are at high risk than other age group people. Children are children, no one can be sure about what they will do next at home or other crowded places especially road during traffic situations. They must be taught some of the basic road safety rules. Parents should teach their children to be extra attentive and look left and right before crossing the road.

They should always cross the roads by holding hands of their elders or friends. When they are walking by foot on the road they should walk only on the footpath. They should never ran on the road. They need to be more cautious on the road without getting distracted anything. They should be taught to only cross the roads at crossroads after seeing traffic signals for pedestrians. They must be aware of the meaning of colors-red means stop, green means go and yellow means also stop or be ready to stop or start.

Children should be taught not to play on the road. They should not use earphones or other music-listening instruments while riding bicycles on the road. Parents should follow all the road safety rules and traffic rules while driving vehicles to establish good examples in front of their children as they are first example in the lives of their kids.

Glossary :
attentive = ध्यानपूर्वक,
distracted = ध्यान हटना।

37. A Public Park
A public park is an attractive place. It has beautiful trees, flowers and fountains. There are grassy lawns. In the morning people go to a public park to enjoy the fresh air. Young people can be seen doing exercise. Old and retired people can be seen gossiping. During the noon people may take rest under the shade of the trees. In the evening there are lots of people in a public park. All kinds of people go there in the evening for rest and recreation. Some people take walks along the path ways.

Some sit in the grassy lawns and chat with one another. Young children play there happily. The hawkers do good business. They sell ice-cream, parched grams, soft drinks and balloons. In some parks there are coloured lights. They look very beautiful at night. A park serves a useful function. It gives charm to the city and provides people a place for rest and recreation.

Glossary :
attractive = आकर्षक,
exercise = व्यायाम,
gossiping = गप-शप करना,
recreation = मनोरंजन,
hawkers = फेरी वाले,
charm = आकर्षण।

38. Your Best Friend [H.B.S.E. 2017 (Set-B)]
A good friend is a great gift of God. Munish is my best friend. He is my class fellow and neighbour. We go to the college together and come back together. We have the same subjects. We help each other in our home¬work. He is good at studies and games. He always stands first in the class. He is the captain of our hockey team also. Munish is a good speaker. He has won many prizes in speeches.

He belongs to a very rich family. But he is not proud of his father’s wealth. He has a good and charming personality. Last year we went to a hill station together. I enjoyed the visit greatly in his company. Munish is my true friend. May he live long!

Glossary :
gift = उपहार,
proud = घमंडी,
personality = व्यक्तित्व,
charming = आकर्षक,
occasions= अवसर।

39. Your Favourite Writer
Charles Dickens is myfavourite writer. He is a great novelist of English literature. He has written a number of great novels. His novels show the deep study of human mind. He is realistic in the description of circumstances. Dickens’s life was a tale of struggles. His childhood was very poor and miserable. He had to work from morning to evening in a factory. His father was imprisoned for not paying back the debt.

All these things had great effect on his mind. Dickens describes all these experiences in his novels. His famous novels are : ‘Great Expectations’, ‘Hard Times’, ‘A Tale of Two Cities’, ‘Oliver Twist’, ‘Pickwick Papers’, etc. His novels are very interesting to read. His novel ‘Great Expectations’ describes the life and adventures of Pip. ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ is based on the French Revolution. His other novels are also interesting. In short, he is a great writer.

Glossary :
favourite = मनपसंद,
novelist = उपन्यासकार,
realistic = वास्तविक,
description = वर्णन,
circumstances = परिस्थितियाँ,
adventures = साहसिक कार्य ।

HBSE 12th Class English Paragraph Writing

40. My Favourite Book
According to Milton, “A book is the precious life and blood of a mastermind.” I am very fond of reading books. I have read books written by a number of writers. Out of these books, I like Prem Chand’s book ‘Godaan’ the most. This is Prem Chand’s most famous novel. This novel paints a true picture of the rural India before Freedom. Prem Chand describes the plight of an Indian farmer. Hori, the poor farmer in this novel suffers a lot. But he does not complain to anybody. His life is a long tale of suffering.

The village Zamindar, the village banker (Sahukar), the corrupt government officials and others exploit him. His own son leaves him and goes to Lucknow. But Hori goes on struggling against the circumstances. In the end, he dies. His death is very tragic. Apart from Hori, there are some other memorable characters like Malti, Prof. Mehta, Khanna Sahib, his wife, etc. In short, ‘Godaan’ is Prem Chand’s masterpiece.

Glossary :
precious = अनमोल,
rural = ग्रामीण,
plight = दुर्दशा,
suffer = सहना,
exploit = शोषण करना,
memorable = अविस्मरणीय।

41. A Happy Dream
A Pleasant Dream
Last night, I had a pleasant dream. I saw that I had contested the elections for the state assembly. I was canvassing for the support of people. I was making speeches. Then the election was over. The counting of votes started. When the result was out I found that I had won the election. I had defeated my rival by fifty thousand votes. I was very happy. I was taken out in a procession. There were people along both sides of the road. They were waving flags and handkerchiefs. They were shouting with joy.

They were pushing one another for shaking hands with me. Then I was taken to a stage. I stood on it and delivered a speech. I thanked people for their support. I told them that I would fulfil my election promises. People again shouted with joy. I told them to shout with me, “Long Live India.” Suddenly, my father woke me up. He told me that I had been shouting “Long Live India” in my sleep. Then I realized sadly that it was only a dream.

Glossary :
pleasant = आनन्ददायक,
contested = चुनाव लड़ा,
canvassing = प्रचार करना,
support = समर्थन,
defeated = हराना,
rival = प्रतिद्वंद्वी,
procession = जुलूस,
promises = वायदे ।

42. Freedom Of Speech
The Constitution of India provides every citizen of hers the Right to Freedom as a fundamental right. Under a subsection of this fundamental right, every citizen of India is provided freedom of speech. In India there is a democratic form of government. In this form of government freedom and protection of human dignity is the foremost requirement. We enjoy this freedom at length. If we have grievlances with our government, we can raise our voice high against the government. But sometimes people misuse this freedom. They even begin to speak against the sovereignty and integrity of the nation.

This must not be allowed. Freedom of speech is a principle that supports the freedom of speech is a principle that supports the freedom of an individual or a community to articulate their opinions or ideas without fear of retaliation, censorship or legal sanction. But on the other hand it must be kept in mind that the freedom of speech for one must not be harmful to the other. It must not voilet the rule of the land. [H.B.S.E. March, 2019 (Set-C)]

Glossary :
constitution = संविधान,
fundamental = मूलभूत,
grievances = शिकायत,
sovereignty = साम्राज्य,
retaliation = जवाबी हमला।

HBSE 12th Class English Paragraph Writing

43. I Am Eighteen
Last Friday 1 celebrated my 18th birthday. To me it seemed as usual as I had celebrated my earlier birthdays. But next day my professor in the college congratulated me and took me to the election office of the college and asked the incharge to register me as a voter. It was the first experience for me that I have become an adult and could cast my vote now. I feel that this big event in my life has given me a lot.

I don’t think that the age of 18 has changed myself a lot but this has given me more responsibilities. In addition to the right of vote, I can have my driving licence. With a driving licence, I can drive a bike and a car. Thus the age of 18 has given me many special things in my life. [H.B.S.E. March, 2019 (Set-D)]

Glossary :
congratulated = बधाई देना,
experience = अनुभव,
special = मुख्य, असधारण।

44. Beauties Of Nature
Nature is a storehouse of beauty. According to the great poet Keats, the beauty of nature is imortal. In every season and at every place nature is beautiful in one way or the other. The beautiful flowers of different colours give great pleasure to our eyes and mind. In the early morning, the chirping of birds is veiy pleasant to our ears. The tall and snow-covered mountains look very beautiful.

The rivers and streams flowing down the great mountains add charm to our life. Dew drops on the green grass early in the morning look like pearls. The rising and the setting sun both appear very charming. The starry night and silvery moon are other examples of the beauties of nature. The deep and dark forests fill us with a sense of awe and mystery. In short, nature is full of beauty.

Glossary :
store-house = भंडार,
chirping =चहचहाहट,
streams =झरने,
pearls = मोती,
charming = आकर्षक,
mystery = रहस्य।

45. Memories Of Childhood
Childhood is the best period of man’s life. A child is free from worries. He spends his time in enjoying life. Whenever I am in a vacant mood, the memories of my childhood come to my mind. When I was a child my parents lived at Ludhiana. We had our house near a pond. The breeze coming from the pond carried a pleasant coolness. Our family was not very rich. But we all loved one another. My father was a loving man. Often he took me for long walks outside the city. Whenever I was tired, he carried me on his shoulders. Sometimes I would stand on the bank of the pond and watch the swans swimming in it.

I remember that one of my uncles used to visit us. He was very kind and brought good gifts for me. In our city, there was a big mosque which had been deserted. Near the mosque, there was a vegetable market. When I started going to school, I made a number of friends. I still remember them. I also remember the day when I was punished by my father for making mischief. Thus my childhood memories bring both sweet and bitter moments of life to my mind.

Glossary :
worries =चिंताएँ,
breeze =ठंड़ी हवा,
shoulders =कंधे,
pond = तालाब,
swans =हंस,
mischief = शरारत ।

46. Spring Season Or The Season I Like Most
Spring season is called the queen of seasons. It is the best and the most pleasant of the seasons. After the chilling winter season, the coming of spring brings new life and vigour into the dull life. There is activity all around in nature. The birds are happy as the winter season has passed. New leaves start sprouting on branches. In fact, spring season is a symbol of new life and activity.

There is freshness everywhere. Man should also take inspiration from the spring season. We should put an end to our laziness and pessimism. I like spring season because this season is congenial to activity. The weather in spring is neither too hot nor too cold. Spring season also brings the message of prosperity. This season gives inspiration to people to make their lives better and more progressive.

Glossary :
spring = बसंत,
chilling = बहुत ठंडी,
sprouting = फूटना,
symbol = प्रतीक,
inspiration = प्रेरणा।

47. Secularism In India
India is a secular country. Secularism means equal place for all religions. It also means that we should respect the other religions. We should have respect for all the religions of our country. India is a land of many religions. People of different castes and religions live here. They have their own ways of worshipping God. They have their own holy books. The Hindus have the Gita and the Ramayana. The Muslims believe in Quran. The Sikhs consider Guru Granth Sahib as their Guru.

The Christians have faith in the Bible. Our Government is secular. It gives equal respect to every religion. Our constitution says that all religions are equal. Sometimes there are communal riots in our country. But we should respect every religion and live peacefully.

Glossary :
secularism = धर्म-निरपेक्षता,
religions = धर्म,
worshipping = पूजा करना,
constitution = संविधान,
communal = जातीय,
riots = दंगे।

48. Mahatma Gandhi And Non-Violence
Mahatma Gandhi was a great Indian leader. He was an apostle of non-violence and truth. He had rare qualities in him. He was against violence of any kind. He fought against the British and brought us freedom. But he did not use violence. He achieved the biggest political victory of his life through non¬violence. He shook the foundation of the British rule in India. This was possible by his use of non-violence. At present, the world is passing through a period of bloodshed and violence.

There are clouds of war everywhere. At such a time, Gandhi’s principle of non-violence can save the world from destruction. The use of non-violence can eradicate evil and hatred from the hearts of people. It can create a feeling of brotherhood amongst masses. We should therefore adopt Gandhi’s principle of non-violence in our life.

Glossary :
apostle = मसीहा,
rare = दुर्लभ,
violence = हिंसा,
victory = विजय,
foundation = नींव,
eradicate = हटा देना।

HBSE 12th Class English Paragraph Writing

49. Men And Women Are Born Equal But…
God has made men and women equal but in Indian society, we find that they are not treated as equal. Society does not give women the status of equality with men. In a family, we see the difference between a son and a daughter. When a son is born, the parents dance with joy. But the birth of a daughter is not celebrated. Many people are not willing to spend as much money on the education of their daughters as they spend on their sons. In the past women were treated only as slaves.

Even now women is called the weaker sex. It is thought that a woman cannot do all those things which a man can do. A woman’s field is limited to the household duties only. These days many women are coming forward and working shoulder-to-shoulder with men. But their status is still not equal to that of men.

Glossary :
equal = बराबर,
treated = व्यवहार किया,
status = दर्जा,
celebrated = मनाया,
slaves = कैदी।

50. The Advantage Of Learning A Foreign Language
Language is mainly a means of communication. Through language, we can understand others and express our thoughts to them. It is also a means of getting knowledge. If we do not know language we will not be able to get the knowledge which lies stored in the books of the world. So the more languages we know, the more knowledge we get. The writers and learned men of all countries have written in their own languages. These writings are full of knowledge and wisdom.

But we cannot get them if we do not know the language of that country. If we know only one language, our minds will be limited. They will not expand. So children should be taught at least one foreign language at school. This will give them the knowledge about other countries, their culture and thoughts. It will also be very useful for the overall development of the child’s personality.

Glossary :
communication = संचार,
express = व्यक्त करना,
expand = फैलना,
foreign = विदेशी,
personality = व्यक्तित्व ।

51. My Birthday [H.B.S.E. March, 2018 (Set-A)]
Last month, I celebrated my 16th birthday. It was celebrated with pomp and show. The big drawing room of our house was decorated beautifully. My father had invited all his close friends. I had invited all my class- fellows. Many families from our colony were invited. The birthday cake was big and beautifully made. Sixteen candles were put on it. These candles showed that it was my sixteenth birthday. I touched the feet of my parents and received their blessings. Then I blew out the sixteen candles one by one.

All the guests shouted with joy, “Happy birthday to you.” Then I cut the birthday cake and distributed its small pieces among the guests. I got beautiful presents from my near and dear ones. My father had arranged an orchestra for this purpose. It presented very good programme of music. In the end, the guests were given a dinner. I will never forget my sixteenth birthday.

Glossary :
pomp = तड़क-भड़क,
orchestra = वाद्यवृंद।

HBSE 12th Class English Paragraph Writing

52. My Classroom [H.B.S.E. March, 2018 (Set-D)]
I read in Government Senior Secondary School G.T. Road, Panipat. I am a student of XII-A class. My school has thirty classrooms. All the rooms are airy and spacious. But my classroom is a special one. It is situated near the Principal office. It is a very big room. It has four ceiling fans. It has two doors and four big windows. It has a very big black-board. There are thirty pairs of very fine benches and desks.

These are fitted on steps. The walls of my class room are covered with all sorts of education charts and maps. The class timetable is framed near the main door. The class attendance board is also there near the main door. My classroom is al¬ways neat and clean. It seems like a temple of knowledge. I like my classroom very much and enjoy learning in it for shaping my life into a good citizen of India.

Glossary :
spacious = आकार में बड़ा,
framed = किसी बात को विशेष प्रकार से व्यक्त करना।

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